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Can't align completion dates? Need extra space? Having building works done? Are you a student moving home for the summer? Whatever the reason, there are a selection of storage options available to suit your needs.

Self Storage

Our storage containers are available for self storage customers. Each of our containers offer 35 square feet of floor space, and you can hire as many or as few as you need so you can get just the right amount of storage to suit your needs. The advantages of using our storage containers for your self storage requirements are:

- Our containers are priced weekly, and include insurance cover.*

- Drive directly up to the container. No humping your goods up and down lifts and along corridors on trolleys, and its all indoors!

- Free use our our removal blankets whilst your goods are in store.

- If you have your goods split over a number of containers you can access only the container you need, no need to rummage through a big unit to find what you need!

*limits apply


Once your container is loaded it is labelled, locked and safely stacked away until you need access again. When you require access just let us know and we will have your container down and waiting for you.

Containerised Storage

Containerised storage is the removal industry standard form of storage. Your goods are stored in 250cuft wooden storage crates.

House Removals In Bath
House Removals In Bath

These containers are loaded on to a removal truck. When the vehicle arrives at your property, your items are loaded directly into the crates, with a full inventory taken. Once loaded the crates are closed and labelled with your details. The truck then returns back to the warehouse, where the crates are fork-lifted off and stored.

Advantages of containerised storage:


  • Containerised storage is generally considered to be the most cost effective method of storage.


  • Your contents are loaded directly into the storage crates, thereby avoiding double-handling items and reducing the risk of damages.


  • Furniture is protected in the crates with protective removal blankets, the same blankets used whilst goods are transported in the truck.


  • Often removals into and out of crates are cheaper.


  • Weekly price inclusive of insurance. *Limits apply


Dimensions of our storage containers:

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